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This is the gold standard of iBooks. by Garr Reynolds
Just going through the best iBook I have ever seen. Incredible! The Yellow Cab of the Universe by Eduardo Galvani. iBook platform is especially good for science books. This is the gold standard of iBooks for sure. Man, an incredible amount of work went in to this. A work of art.

The future of learning has arrived… by Andrew Smith Lewis
The Yellow Cab of The Universe (YCU) is so far beyond what you can imagine a book to be. To say that the author “pushed the boundaries” is an understatement. YCU offers the perfect blend of science and art creating an amazing journey into the night sky. The depth of knowledge and passion of the author shines through in every aspect of this beautifully created tour of our universe. YCU sets a new standard for not just iBooks, but for all digital learning content and gives us hope that the wonder of science can truly be learned and enjoyed in an entirely new and engaging way. Treat yourself to an amazing gift and share it with anyone who has an interest in Astronomy. You won’t be disappointed!
Taking iBooks 3 levels further by Patrick Newell
This book is beyond any other book I have seen online. It has the potential to revolutionize how we learn from a book. What a difference this would make when learning a particular topic. 21st Century learning resource for our 21st Century learners. Well Done… Hats off to you. Looking forward to your next book and beyond.
The Yellow cab of the Universe by Junia Flavia
Why didn’t we have textbooks like this when I was in school? In fact, why aren’t all digital books like this right now? Thank you much Mr. Galvani for this fantastic work.
Another seismic shift in publishing and e-learning … by Cindy Mullins
We may be witnessing a revolutionary change in the development of textbooks and the transfer of skills and knowledge to a new generation. Author and designer Eduardo Galvani has infused his awe and passion for the subject matter with a whimsical sense of humor, and his design skills are a wonder to behold. Who wouldn’t love to learn in such a fun and interactive way! Kudos also to Apple for providing this amazing free technology.
Amazing by Jholmes007
This is the way forward for learning. Match made in heaven or the iPad. Hope there’s more of this stuff to come!
Amazing for adults too by Ando S.
It’s hard to believe that at my age (i.e. not a kid) that this is the first book that has really got me interested in and educated on the solar system. The beautiful artwork combined with the well-written, concise commentary and multimedia elements make it great edutainment for adults too. There’s so much potential for products that entertain while educating and this is among the best i’ve seen.
Transformative, refreshing, beautiful!! by Japan-o-phile
The timing of this book could not be better. My 5-year old has shown initial interest in the solar system and I’ve been looking for dynamic experiences for her to really engage with and understand what it is and how it works. I came across this book and got it for her and I must say that from the outset she’s shown more excitement for this application than anything else she’s used on my iPad. The combination of depth of information and interactivity with beautiful presentation is perfect for her inquiring mind. There is enough for her to engage meaningfully even at a young age. But it is also clear that it will remain interesting and useful to her for a long time. Tremendous! This iBook has my very strong recommendation.

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