Have A Peek Under the Hood!

The Yellow Cab of the Universe
The YCU iBook is available in over 35 countries.
For iTunes accounts outside of the United States, please log in at your local iBookstore and search for “The Yellow Cab of the Universe”.
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A Few “Snapshots” From the Tour

Get on board for some awesome visual effects. Not just out-of-this-world photography, but great graphics and amazing animations. The screenshots here only hint at the colorful, informative, non-traditional approach that makes YCU so effective.
WARNING: Yellow Cab can be addictive. Its 300+ pages and dozens of animations are clearly habit-forming, even for people who said they had no interest in astronomy. Readers of all ages can’t stop turning the pages, zooming the images and clicking on the videos. After one ride, your iPad will never look the same!


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