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The Yellow Cab of The Universe Visits Mr. Albert’s Brain

If physics doesn’t completely blow your mind, you must not be looking at it correctly. The Yellow Cab can take you where no Physics book has gone before—into the mind of a brilliant (though slightly eccentric) scientist who can show you how this world we live in really works!

Mr. Albert will take us on a journey through Motion, Force, Gravity, Heat, Light, Electricity, Magnetism and lots more. He may even bring along some relatives (he keeps insisting that “everything is relative”).

In the near future, the Yellow Cab will visit other fields of knowledge where tourism seems to have declined, and show readers just how interesting they can be. Plan to get comfortable in the back seat as new journeys unfold. Our expert driver guarantees: “You will be surprised; you will learn a lot; you won’t be bored.”

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